The KC RUNNING DOCTOR supports the Kansas City area by teaching you how to run with proper form to help decrease your risk for injury.  Many people run but few people think of the training that is required to run with great form.  Most athletes spend thousands of hours working on drills and technique to be efficient and excel at their sport.  Unfortunately for runners most coaches have simply just told you to go out and run with little focus on how you do it as long as you can run the required miles or achieve a required time.

I want to take your running form back to the drawing board and start fresh.  This means we will start very simple and then build on these techniques over the course of your running career.  I offer three different stages of form training: Beginning, intermediate, and advanced.  

I perform a video gait analysis at all running services and help identify areas where you are not moving correctly.  From there we can work on things you need to do to become a better and more efficient runner.  


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